I was introduced to Pastor Dennis coming out of a very dark couple of years in my life when I felt at my lowest and needed someone that could understand the things i was going through but add something to my life that had been missing for many year and that was Christ. Without his wisdom and guidance I’m not sure that I would have made it to this positive place in my life that I have worked so hard to get to. I know that I can call him any time day or night for guidance through anything that i’m struggling with. His encouragement and some times much needed tough love has helped me get a full time job and get through all the court hearings for the criminal charges I had built up. He gave me rides to court appearances when i was unable to obtain one any other way and he was also their for moral support. I can’t thank Pastor Dennis or All In Ministries enough for everything they have done for me and the things they continue to do for me and other men. This ministry is all privately funded and if there is any way you are able to help please bless this ministry with your support. Thank you for taking the time to read a recovering addict and finder of Christs story. God Bless. Jesus Loves you and so do I.


Nancy N.

As a mom, you would do ANYTHING to take away any and all pain your child may be feeling. Many times you feel so alone. Then I met Dennis and heard his story of struggle and triumph and in my heart I knew God had sent him into our lives. My son who has struggled with addiction for the past 5 years now has a role model to walk along side with. Dennis is always available, always honest and real with his support with a huge dash of compassion. I truly believe that he is living out Gods plan for his life, mentoring those who need the support that only someone who has walked in their shoes and came out on the other side even better can offer. I feel that my son now has a guardian angel walking beside him and now I don’t have to feel so alone. I will never give up fighting this awful disease and I want to encourage others who are struggling to reach out. There is hope, there are many resources and there is much support. Don’t let any stigmas stop you from getting the help we all so deserve. I also encourage you to reach out to All In Ministries. You will receive much more then you thought you even needed….


Dennis Otto and All in Ministries truly have been my rock, guidance and light on my son's journey. I originally met Dennis at a Life Group hosted by our church. During this time our son was hospitalized for the first of many times for mental health.

Dennis would pray for and with us and it started a bond that has held me up on a very dark journey. Some of my sons challenges include Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, depression, addiction and adoption issues.

Just a few things AIM has done for Reece and our family:

  • Dennis came to the house and met with Reece several times
  • Dennis would take Reece out to coffee or lunch and mentor him
  • He could see the escalating of drug use really before I did. One day Dennis told me, "Molly he is not ok and is not going to make it through the college semester, he needs in patient drug treatment." Within a week an incident happened involving drugs, Reece had to leave college and went to Teen Challenge inpatient treatment. His wisdom and foresight helps me in this journey.
  • When Reece got out of Teen Challenge in November 2017, Dennis warned me 30 days was not enough treatment because when Dennis would met with Reece, Reece would light up when he spoke of drugs and poor choices. Dennis would
    mentor and coach, but also had priceless wisdom and foresight for families.
  • Reece left home in January 2018 and started using heavy drugs and making unsafe and illegal choices. We could not stop the madness. Dennis helped me parent in the extreme situations. Dennis tried to work with Reece and Reece was even abusive to Dennis. Taught me how to say I love you but I cannot heal you until you are ready. Dennis had to walk away from Reece but left the door open. That was a lesson I needed to see and understand.
  • March 2018 Reece has attacked in Florida and had 100,000 of facial damage but Reece was still not ready for healing. Dennis gracefully coached us and prayed with through surgeries and surreal circumstances .
  • May 2018 Reece was arrested for very serious charges. The first two people Reece called and apologized to was myself and Dennis Otto. Dennis has visited him jail and mentored him and sat next to my husband and I at court.
  • Reece tells us from jail he is ready for healing. Dennis still mentors Reece and ourselves, understanding the addict. Being hopefully, encouraging and also cautious. Dennis coaches a new set of skills for Reece and our family - how to be safe, heal and grow as Reece is now in the legal system.

More so than anyone, Dennis has been a prayer warrior and advisor. He gives parents/families strength and courage.




All In Ministries, and it’s amazing pastor, Dennis Otto, have been instrumental in my recovery and my walk with Jesus. There is no doubt in my mind that without this ministry I would be lost and without hope. This especially became apparent when I, unfortunately, relapsed in January of this year. Pastor Dennis was right there at my side giving me guidance and real hope. He was the only one who didn’t turn their back on me when I needed someone the most. Dennis regularly visited me when I was in the hospital and in my subsequent treatments that followed. Even most of my own family members and friends did not come to support me. Dennis was there to gently guide me back on the path to Jesus and rediscover the fact that Jesus and God had never abandoned me but were instead there to lift me up again. He was an integral part of helping me to rebuild my faith and trust in Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

Besides his spiritual support, Dennis was my only resource for dealing with the issues that were a direct result of this last relapse, especially the mess that is invariably a result of this unfortunate turn of events. I was evicted from the sober house I had been residing at and all my belonging were packed up and put in the garage. If I didn’t come and deal with these articles they would have been donated, given away, or thrown in the garbage. I was unable to take care these issues myself as I was in the Hospital and would be going straight into my Chemical Dependency treatment. Dennis stepped into the gap and without hesitation took care of all of this for me. He not only gathered and stored all my belongings, he took my vehicle and stored it as well. He never hesitated to help me with whatever issues came up in my time of need.

Any man in dire need of Dennis’s incredible ministry and support should not hesitate to give him a chance to show the same love, care, and support that he showed me. He has been the guiding light for not only me, but many other men in their time of need. Pastor Dennis is a great man and I hope he, with the support of others, is able to expand his ministry and be of great service to others who struggle with addiction and spiritual hunger.


"Donnie H"

My name is Donnie H. I'm 46, father of 4 and I am Today a Believer in Christ, and ALL because I met a Man who cared "More" about me then I cared about me at the time I needed Him most. My wants have been ahead of any needs for over 35 years now. And because of my contract with Him, and my Lord Jesus I now carry Hope for a Real life, a True existence from behind bars & cells . He hits me where it hurts sometimes, and does very little to console the old me, but He encourages the New Man I'm becoming to the 'enth degree (add any number, then times it by hundreds). He has been a Great friend, and a Real Life Pastor, with Real Life issues, as do we-Men seeking True Freedom from the Bandages of the past. But through the endorsement of His ministry & the love of Jesus Christ. I have to say now, " I can.", rather then," I tried" and I have to add. In the beginning I was a little unsure, having been tossed around in the system my whole life. This journey started that way, but Thomas B. pointed this guy in the right direction, THANKS TOM! I OWE YOU BROTHER, and I owe my sobriety, most of my freedoms to Jesus Christ. But my biggest owe to date is the one to Pastor Dennis for keeping me sane when the devil was pushing for insanity! I live today as a living, breathing, dying to sin everyday follower of Our Lord, and without Pastor Dennis Otto I don't think I'd of made it this far. So thank you All in Ministries for lending me your Servant to the Lord. And thank you Pastor O' for ALWAYS stating TRUTH, rather then Fluff. And keeping IT REAL! We all need more of it. Love you Man!

Blessings & Peace,
Donnie H.