Pastor Dennis Otto On Hope 360 Storyteller

2018 Assemblies Of God The Call Men's Conference

Pastor Dennis Otto Speaking at United Lutheran Church on 4/25/2018.

Pastor Dennis Otto spoke at Maranatha Church in Forest Lake on 5/12/18.
Thank you Mike Haseltine for setting this up and the men of Maranatha.

Pastor Dennis's amazing testimony at Homestead Community Church on 5-20-18

Thank you for allowing him to share this, Pastors Jeff and Kristie Kerr.

Listen to the message by Dennis

Pastor Dennis speaks to youth on 8/16/2018

I would like to thank Pat and Molly Willsher Wellik, for the opportunity to share my story and All In Ministries. It was a full house with the River Valley - 20 plus lifegroup and other great folks. I am humbled by all who came out to listen and for all the support that was raised.

Pastor Dennis baptized Jesse 8/26/2018

Jesse Shaw is the first man that "All In Ministries" started working with. Over the last year and half, Jesse and I have been through a lot together. I've watched Jesse work his tail off to get where he is today. Was it all easy? Heck no, but he never quit, never gave up. Through it all, I watched his faith and love of Jesus grow. Today, Jesse is one of my closest friends and does so much for my ministry. This morning I had the honor of baptizing Jesse. It is so humbling when God let's you be a part of His plan.

Pastor Dennis and Jesse Shaw do a basic automotive class 10/09/2018

Kali LeighAnn, thank you for inviting Jesse Shaw and myself down to your school. Really enjoyed teaching your students basic automotive mechanics! I am looking forward to talking with them about life skills the next few weeks.