Dennis and family

Dennis Otto - Founder

Pastor Dennis Otto is a husband to Patti. Father of five children, papa to two boys.

Dennis lived in the darkness of drug addiction and violence, which eventually lead to a 110 month prison sentence. In 2010 the light of Jesus Christ entered his life. Dennis is now a pastor, using his testimony, to minister to the broken men of this world. He has been called to disciple to make disciples.

Bob Strom - Vice President

Bob is Dennis's father in law.

His role is to make sure that the Ministry and Pastor Dennis's family life maintain a healthy balance while being a man of strong faith in the Lord himself.

Amy Fraser - Secretary

Amy is a strong faith woman that is wonderful spirit lead. She's ran her own business and brings a lot of experience with her that compliments the rest of the members of the ministry wonderfully.

Tim Johnson - Promoter

His communication skills and faith make him a valued member of our founding board but his attention to the details is a blessing to our ministry.